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mental levels meet the
standards of US Pharmacopeia
(Herbal capsules)
$40/60 capsules/bottle, $200/6 bottles
(Herbal capsules)
$50/60 capsules/bottle, $250/6 bottles
$25/60 capsules/bottle, $120/6 bottles
kidney simutaneously, particularly good for people with insomnia, anxiety, or poor appetite.

Tri-Circulator is able to effectively improve blood circulationy, particularly good for people with tightness of the heart,
palpitation, arm or leg numbness, and these with heart diseases, stroke, hypertention, and diabetes.

Tri-Energizer is able to improve immune function, particularly good for people who easily get cold and other afections,
complain for fatigue, and want to live longer with health.

The three products are all formulated based on clinical and research results. Please click the name of the product under each
bottle for detailed information about these products.
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