Tri-Rejuvenator (Herbal capsules)

Major ingredients: sweet tea vine, hawthorn berry, fo-ti.

Tri-Rejuvenator is developed based on the holism theory of TCM. It can not
naturally maintain health by protecting blood vessels from blockage, stimulating the
immune system and adjusting the functionality of vital organs, but also improve the
functions of heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidney. It particularly helps those
experiencing chronic insomnia and fatigue, depression and stress, poor digestion and
constipation. People with hyperlipidemia and diabetes will also benefit from this
Administration: 2 capsules/time, twice per day
Components in Tri-Rejuvenator were scientifically confirmed having the following functions:
To improve circulation and protect your blood system from blocking
To stimulate immune system and prevent you from cancers and other diseases
To tonify your vital organs and prevent their dysfunction
To nourish your brain cells and keep you from insomnia and aging.
1. Brief introduction about the product
Prevention is more important than treatment in TCM theory. Therefore, the first product
developed by this new company is: to provide energy to people experiencing stress and fatigue
syndrome, to prevent diseases by stimulating the immune system, to protect blood vessels
from blocking, and to ensure well functioning of the heart, lung, liver, spleen and kidney.
Patients who complain about insomnia and fatigue could feel energetic while sleeping becomes
better in about 1~2 weeks of administration.
2. Responses to capsule trials  
I had been suffering from sever insomnia for several years, alway felt tired and weak. I lost
my interesting on everything due to the lack of energy. I went through all the possible medical
examinations, the results showed no problem of my body. My family doctor diagnosed my
problems as chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. I tried many dietary supplements, none
of them worked on me. But Tri-Rejuvenator helped me sleep well and regain
                                                  - Cindy Hill

“After taking the red capsules, I noticed increased energy, better sleep and better digestive
discharge. I feel more energized and seem to be more alert mentally."
                                                    - Tony Estrada
After two months, his total LDL was dropped from 260 mg/dl to 100 mg/dl.

“After taking the capsules two weeks, my insomnia was relieved, my energy level was
increased. My eyes felt not as dry as before. I had tried many herbal products before with no
significant results. My body responses Tri-Rejuvenator very well.”
                                                     - Dian Song
She is an associate director in a pharmaceutical company in North CA and had severe insomnia, but she refused to
take sleeping pills because she knew too much about how medicines

“My fatigue in the morning disappeared after taking this capsule.”
                                                    - Emily Chen
She was a high school student and frequently felt tired because she often studied till late night and get up early in the
morning. She suggested the name of Rejuvenator later when was asked for. cx
3. Information for administration
2~3 capsules each time. 2~3 times daily.
For patients having problems such as fatigue, high blood lipid, insomnia,
take three times each day. Six bottles for one course of treatment.
4. Information about the ingredients
(1) Gynostemma (Jiao Gu Lan, sweet tea vine, immortality herb)

Jiao gu lan functions as both an adaptogenic and an antioxidant herb. It contains gypenosides
that are structurally similar to the active constituents in Ginseng yet with higher
concentration. It also contains rich nutrient vitamins, organic acids, flavones, minerals, amino
acids and sugars. In a survey conducted by Chinese scientists, unusual longevity (many people
over 100) and low cancer rates were found in areas where Jiao gu lan grows. One common of
these octogenarians is that they all drink Jiao gu lan tea on a regular basis.
Ginseng can cause nose bleeding, headache or irritating in some cases because it is warm in
nature according to TCM theory. It is not suitable for people with hypertension. But Jiao gu
lan is cool in nature, and has less side effect comparing to Ginseng. It is believed to have a
superior effect than Ginseng, be more supportive without causing over-stimulation.

The followings are functions of Jiao gu lan extract confirmed by biological and
pharmacological studies: anti-aging, anti-stress, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer, lowering blood
pressure and blood sugar, decreasing total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and
raising high-density lipoprotein (HDL), improving sugar and protein metabolism, stimulating
immune system, preventing cardiovascular diseases, helping sleep, lessening anxiety,
improving memory, protecting liver form toxin.

(2) Hawthorn berry (Shan zha, Crataegus fruit)

Shan zha is a fruit-bearing shrub with a long history as a Chinese herbal medicine. It can
reduce food stagnation (especially from meat and greasy foods) and invigorate blood to
alleviate blood stasis. Research results indicate that Shan zha could protect heart function,
lower blood pressure, and decrease cholesterol. The cardiovascular effects are due to its
ability to increase the integrity of the blood vessel wall and improve coronary blood flow, and
its positive effects on oxygen utilization and inotropic activity.
Flavonoids are the main components responsible for these effects. Organic acids, vitamins are
also rich in this berry.

(3) Fo-ti (He shou wu, Fleeceflower root, Flowery knotweed root)

The Chinese name (He shou wu) of this herb is derived from an old man’s name in a legend
thousand years ago. It is said that Mr. He was plagued by illness and infertility. He found this
plant and consumed it regularly for several years, regaining his health and youthful complexion
-- as well as his black hair -- and thereafter fathered children.

In TCM, Fo-ti is mainly used to tonify the liver and kidneys, nourish the blood, and augment
the essence. The essence in TCM is a vital substance that plays an extremely important role in
human physiology. Pharmacology studies have proved that Fo-ti can increase the number of
hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cell in bone marrow and red cells in blood, stimulate the
immune system, lower blood LDL and raise HDL, increase the blood flow in coronary artery,
prevent atherosclerosis, protect liver function, and delay aging.  

The processed Fo-ti (Zhi he shou wu) is applied in this capsule. The components that stimulate
the bowel movement in raw materials can be decomposed by special treatment. The processed
Fo-ti is often used in TCM prescriptions for people with prematurely graying hair, low back
pain, angina pectoris, low energy, infertility, and other conditions.